Gateway BIA Society unveils new street banners and lamp posts for 2018
Jul 26, 2018

Adding splashes of colour to the once grey streets in The Gateway has been one of the top mandates of the Gateway Business Improvement Area Society since they began their quest for neighbourhood beautification in 1995. This is why they chose red for the colour of the decorative street lamp posts that they installed in 2000.

Unfortunately, the effects of the sun played havoc with this plan, fading the posts to a rosy shade of pink. After having them repainted, only to have them fade again, the frustrated Gateway BIA finally decided to use a large portion of their 2018 budget to replace them with posts of a different colour. It was also an excellent opportunity to switch to LED lights, for a huge energy and cost savings.

After discussions with the City, it was determined that black would be the best colour, in order to minimize the undesirable effects of sun fading.  Although this choice is not in line with their usual preference for bright colours, board members feel that the taller, elegant styling of the new lamp posts is complemented nicely by their understated black colour.  Now that they are adorned with summer flower baskets and brand new, 20% larger street banners, there is certainly no deficiency of colour.

Turning once again to the artistic talents at Concept Design, the Gateway BIA commissioned the design of sixteen different banner images; eight for summer and eight for winter.  Each image is depicted monochromatically in one of four vivid colour palettes. As with their previous banners, and the mural on the Connaught Youth Centre building, the Gateway BIA wanted to showcase some of the things that make Prince George special.   

The images chosen represent the abundance of wildlife in our region, outdoor recreational highlights, and cultural experiences that make Prince George such a wonderful place to live. To be honest, they found it difficult to narrow it down to just eight images from the extensive list of contenders, since we are so rich in opportunities around Prince George!


The Gateway BIA Society would like to thank the City of Prince George for their role in installing the lamp posts and banners, and Northern Development Initiative Trust for their financial contribution towards the banners.

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Where Is the Gateway?

Spanning along Victoria Street from 17th to 20th Avenue, and along 20th Avenue from Victoria Street towards Carney Street and the intersection of Highways 97 & 16