The Commotion Sculpture
Jun 24, 2010

In 2010, the Gateway BIA decided that they wanted to do another art installation. It had to be bold and eye-catching, yet visually appealing and accessible to everyone. Ideally, it would be something representative of the people of Prince George, and specifically of those living in the immediate neighbourhood. Being a permanent, outdoor work of art, the sculpture also had to be designed with strength and longevity in mind.

Local artist Roman Muntener was hired to give physical form to these requirements. The result is a 5m high, 10m wide metal sculpture depicting life-sized human figures dancing together, connected in jubilant unity. It symbolizes the cooperative spirit of the citizens of Prince George; the diversity, equality, and the volunteer-oriented nature of our community. 

Playing on the concept of working together and moving as a unit, while at the same time recognizing the energy implied by the motionless figures, the sculpture has been given the name Commotion.

Keeping in line with the emphasis on community, every aspect of the Commotion project was accomplished locally, from the artistic design and project management, to the structural and electrical engineering, the fabrication of the metal components, and the installation of concrete foundation and lighting.

Each of the 23 unique figures was hand-cut by fabricator BJ McKivett and his crew right here in Prince George, from its own 700lb sheet of plate steel. To give the sculpture its curved form, some of the metal sheets were passed through an industrial bending machine at Wolftek Industries before being cut.

Meanwhile, work began on site, starting with a concrete foundation to which steel mounting brackets were grouted in. Once all the parts were ready, the fabricators began welding each figure into place. To ensure maximum stability, the entire base was encased in a final layer of concrete. 

All the steel used for the figures is what is known as “mild plate steel”, which indicates that it will oxidize to become a warm rust colour. Several spotlights have now been installed, so the sculpture can be enjoyed at any time of day or night, throughout the year.  The merchants of the Gateway BIA invite the citizens of Prince George to come and see for yourselves what the Commotion is all about, for this is their gift to you.


Reviews / Praise


“Refreshing and delightful… a real eye catcher.”


“Great location and great results from the Gateway Business improvement Association. Everything this association has done is well done and in good taste. Hats off to them”


“Another job Well Done by the Gateway BIA. ... They have made tremendous improvements to their business area and have enhanced the landscape of Prince George as a result. … To the Gateway BIA...Thank you!”


“It’s hard to live in an area that no one cares about, so thank you to the Gateway BIA for the improvement in our depressed area.”


“We would like to express our appreciation to you, the owners of businesses of "The Gateway", for your continual efforts to beautify one of the entrances to Prince George.  Our city receives so much criticism for its appearance.  Efforts such as yours, to create a welcoming and attractive first impression, are commendable and do make a difference,

Thank you, Bud and Betty Burbee”

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